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Oral Pathology

Have you noticed unusual sores or patches in your mouth and want peace of mind as to what's causing the growth?

Oral pathology exams are critical in diagnosing and managing various oral health issues, from infections to oral cancers.

Visit our oral surgeon at The Oral & Facial Surgery Center in Clearfield, UT, for answers about your oral pathology concerns. 

What Is Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology?

Oral pathology focuses on studying and diagnosing diseases in the mouth, such as oral cancer, cysts, or oral lichen planus. As a dentist and oral and maxillofacial surgeon, Dr. Mark L. Newey can help assess, diagnose, and treat oral disease at our Clearfield, UT, oral surgery office

Diagnostic Testing is Available Common Diagnostic Steps

When patients come to our Utah dental office with an oral or maxillofacial pathology, Dr. Newey will use several techniques to examine and diagnose the concern:
Early detection is key to successful treatment. Don't delay scheduling an oral pathology exam at our Clearfield, Utah, practice.
Early detection is key to successful treatment. Don't delay scheduling an oral pathology exam at our Clearfield, Utah, practice.

Clinical Examination

First, Dr. Newey will visually examine your pathology concern, and check your mouth and dental structures for any other signs of disease, like sores, discoloration, or texture changes.

Medical History Review

Gathering information surrounding your dental and medical history is essential for an accurate diagnosis. Our dentist will request information about symptoms, habits (such as tobacco or alcohol use), medications, and family history of oral diseases. 

Imaging Studies

X-rays and CT scans are sometimes used to see how far the problem goes and if it affects nearby areas, especially for oral tumors or cysts. We use the CS 9300 3D imaging system, which provides clear digital images of your teeth, jaw, and other oral structures.  


A biopsy may be performed if Dr. Newey thinks a pathology shows cause for concern. Dr. Newey will take a tiny piece of the infected mouth tissue and send the sample to a lab for further examination.

​How Can You Stay Ahead of Your Health? Self-Examinations Protect You

Many dentists take the time to perform comprehensive oral screenings on each patient during their dental checkups to spot any abnormalities. However, you only see the dentist twice yearly, and oral concerns can develop between dental visits. We recommend performing an oral cancer self-examination monthly. Look out for and don't ignore suspicious lumps or sores. If anything looks abnormal during a self-exam, contact us for an appointment so we can assist you with a more in-depth exam and diagnosis at our Clearfield, UT, office.

"I highly recommend The Oral & Facial Surgery Center." Enthusiastic Reviews From Clearfield, UT, Patients


Emily Huber

August, 2023

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I have severe anxiety with any dental work and surgery in general, but Dr. Newey and his staff made my experience as quick, easy and stress free as could be. I highly recommend The Oral & Facial Surgery Center and is my first choice for any future oral surgeries!

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Riley Manning


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Dr. Newey & his staff are absolutely amazing. He is so personable & raw, he’ll tell you exactly how it is without beating around the bush. They took amazing care of my fiancé & continue to do so. We are so thankful for Dr. Newey & his team!

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Dr. Mark L. Newey

The Oral & Facial Surgery Center

Dr. Mark L. Newey has been in private practice since 2005. He combines his advanced training with the latest in technology to optimize results for all his patients. Dr. Newey is a member of several prestigious professional organizations, including the: 

  • American Association of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons 
  • American Society of Dental Anesthesiologist
  • Utah Dental Association 
  • Weber District Dental Association

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