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Pain or clicking in your jaw, or severe headaches and earaches could mean you have a disorder of the TMJ, or temporomandibular joint.

For severe TMJ symptoms caused by TMD, or temporomandibular disorder, surgery performed by oral surgeon Dr. Mark Newey could be the answer.

How can Dr. Newey of The Oral & Facial Surgery Center in Clearfield, UT, relieve your TMJ symptoms and improve your quality of life?

The Difference between TMJ and TMD

  • TMJ is a general but incorrect term people with pain, headaches, and other jaw-related symptoms call their condition, as in, "Dr. Newey is treating me for TMJ." It is sort of like when people call a generic brand cotton swab a Q-tip.
  • The correct name for this potentially debilitating condition is TMD, or temporomandibular disorder. TMJ actually stands for the temporomandibular joint, which is the strong "hinge" that connects both sides of our jaw to our skull.
  • Your TMJs allow your jaw to move up and down and side to side, making chewing, talking, and yawning possible. TMJ disorder is actually a type of TMD disorder.

TMD Can Cause TMJ Discomfort

If TMD, or temporomandibular disorder, causes your temporomandibular joints to function improperly, long-lasting and painful symptoms can occur. These symptoms can include:

  • Jaw muscle or jaw joint pain
  • Migraines
  • Facial pain or swelling
  • Clicking or popping sounds in your jaw
  • Dental issues like misaligned bite
  • Locked jaw
  • Dizziness
  • Earaches
  • Neck or shoulder pain
  • Ringing in your ears (tinnitus)

If you are experiencing these kinds of symptoms, scheduling a consultation appointment with Dr. Newey at his modern Utah practice could be the first step to finding the relief you need, and deserve. He is committed to using innovation, education, care, and compassion to provide the best overall experience for his patients while setting the standard in oral & maxillofacial surgery.

Your Temporomandibular Joints in Action

This video shows how important your TMJs are in relation to healthy jaw movement. Temporomandibular disorders can easily stop them from working properly, causing you pain.

Causes of TMD and TMJ Related Pain

There are many causes of pain related to TMDs or your temporomandibular joints. Dr. Newey will use the most advanced dental technology, including precise digital x-rays and our cutting-edge 3-D imaging system, to diagnose your TMJ issues. He will then develop a personalized treatment plan based on the source of your jaw discomfort. TMD and TMJ pain can be caused by:

  • You grind or clench your teeth
  • Injury to your jaw 
  • Arthritis of the jaw joint
  • Impaired movement of the TMJs
  • Tightened jaw muscles due to stress
  • Torn or damaged TMJ muscles
  • Damaged TMJ cartilage

Do Lots of People Have TMJ Related Pain?

Absolutely. According to TMJ.org:

10 to 35 million people in the US alone suffer from some form of pain or symptom associated with TMJ disorder. The ratio of women to men who suffer from TMJ disorder is nine to one.

If you have jaw pain or other symptoms, contact Dr. Newey today for a TMJ consultation at his highly regarded practice. 

When Does Dr. Newey Suggest Surgery?


Dr. Newey will never push surgery on you as a solution to TMJ disorder. However, he will strongly recommend it if your jaw locks when you open your mouth, your TMJs are dislocated, or the joints are extremely damaged by wear, injury, or arthritis.

Three Types of TMJ Corrective Surgery

Number one


With this technique, a tiny camera is inserted through small incisions so your jaw joints can be examined for damage. Inflamed or damaged tissue can be removed through the incision, allowing your TMJs to function properly.

Number two


Known as open joint surgery, the TMJs are exposed so the joint discs can be replaced or repaired. Damaged or scarred bone tissue can also be removed.

Number three

Joint Replacement

In extreme cases, the temporomandibular joints may need to be replaced with artificial ones. This effective procedure can greatly improve a patient's ability to live without pain caused by TMJ disorder.

Why Suffer with TMJ Disorder Pain?
Contact Dr. Newey for an Appointment

Headaches, jaw pain, teeth pain, earaches, and other TMD symptoms can make life miserable. Sometimes, advanced oral surgery is needed to definitively eliminate these symptoms. Should other treatments fail, talk to Dr. Newey. He can expertly diagnose your TMJ issues and recommend the proper surgical procedures to improve your quality of life.

So don't live with pain caused by a temporomandibular disorder that affects your TMJs. Contact Utah native Dr. Mark Newey today at his beautiful, relaxing Clearfield, UT, practice for a consultation. The Oral & Facial Surgery Center is located about 30 minutes north of Salt Lake City.

The Oral & Facial Surgery Center team

5-Star Reviews for Our Clearfield, UT, Oral Surgeon


Debbie Osuna

May 2020

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Five stars is not enough they deserve more than five stars. Dr.Newey and his staff goes above and beyond to help their patients feel comfortable, and important. The care they gave to my daughter and myself was amazing! Dr. Newey and his staff truly cares for his patients. I would HIGHLY recommend them to anybody. Thank you all so much!

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Robin Hall


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I was in so much pain when I went in to see Dr Newey. My appointment to get my wisdom teeth out was originally on the 14th of August, but I was in so much pain that I couldn't stand it anymore! Dr Newey took the time to take my wisdom teeth out yesterday (July 31st). Him and his staff made me feel so important! I would reccomend him to anyone and everyone!

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Choose Dr. Newey for Corrective TMJ Surgery


Dr. Newey underwent several years of specialized oral surgery residency training on top of his undergraduate studies and four years of dental school. 


Dr. Newey has been providing top-level oral surgery care to the Clearfield, UT, community since 2005.

Calming Sedation

Dr. Newey is certified to provide various forms of sedation to keep you stress-free and pain-free during surgical procedures.

Advanced Technology

Our practice features the latest digital x-ray and 3-D MRI imaging technology to make your diagnosis and procedure precise and efficient.

Insurance Assistance

Our warm, knowledgeable staff will file your paperwork for you and do everything possible to get you maximum coverage.

Is TMJ Surgery Affordable?

Yes. Dr. Newey knows not all of his patients have insurance. Even with insurance, out-of-pocket fees can still be significant. That is why our welcoming practice offers CareCredit® financing. This trusted, third-party lender breaks out-of-pocket costs into low-interest monthly payments that work with your budget. This is a great way to get world-class oral surgery care from a top-rated Utah surgeon without draining your bank account.

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Aaron Kelly


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The provider was awesome, he was able to provide comfort and got us in same day. Dr. Mark Newey is very professional, I didn’t have dental insurance and there prices were affordable. The provider is a military veteran and his experience make him far better than any other dental surgeon I have every seen , Thank you for your service Doc! The atmosphere is very nice and relaxing, the recovery area is very elegant as well.

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Amber Vanderbeek


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Great experience. Amazing professional but fun staff! Took great care of our son in making sure he was comfortable and had fun with him. They could sense his nerves and did a great job talking to him asking all sorts of question to help keep his mind off things. I would highly recommend this place to others and will definitely use again for next procedures and surgeries!

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Dr. Mark L. Newey

The Oral & Facial Surgery Center

Dr. Mark L. Newey has been in private practice since 2005. He combines his advanced training with the latest in technology to optimize results for all his patients. Dr. Newey is a member of several prestigious professional organizations, including the: 

  • American Association of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons 
  • American Society of Dental Anesthesiologist
  • Utah Dental Association 
  • Weber District Dental Association

To request a consultation with Dr. Newey at our state-of-the-art office, request an appointment online or reach us by phone.

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